Our next walk will be to:

Ingleton, Yorkshire Dales on Saturday 10th June 2023


For further details of all the walks planned for this year, click here


Just a few lines of Introduction. 

We like to think of ourselves as being a friendly sort of club that’s based in West Lancashire.  We usually organise monthly rambles by coach to various parts of the beautiful North West of England; Lake District; Yorkshire Dales: Derbyshire; and N Wales.  But having said this,  we’ve also been known to venture into Shropshire and Staffordshire.

The grades of the walks are ‘A’ – ‘D’

The mileage of the walks that we do will usually be depend on the terrain, i.e., shorter if the terrain is hilly, and perhaps longer if the terrain is fairly flat, but having said this, I wouldn’t like you to think that because the ‘A’ walk might be about 11 miles its easy – its anything but that.  It could be both long in distance and steep in the climb, whereas with the ‘D’ walks – well, we try to make them both easy and fairly flat; just for those who want to have a bit of a stroll – or are feeling ‘a bit under the weather’ on the day. 

Having said all of the above however, you should remember that ultimately we are all responsible for our own safety, so please, please, don’t join a group that may be beyond your own capabilities on the day of the walks.  As for when we do our walks; it’s usually on the 2nd Saturday of the month with four grades of walk.  This though will ultimately will be dependant on the availability of walks leaders.  


The Walking  Grades

     Grade        Distance     

        “A”      =      9  – 11 miles

      “B”      =      6  –  8 miles

           “C”      =      About 5 miles

      “D”     =      3  –  4 miles

On the day of the walks we will provide you with provide you with ‘Coach Notes’.  These more or less go over the information that you will find on this website; plus information about various items of club news; and some details of other walking groups in the area in which we reside – and their forthcoming walks.