What to Bring


  1. First and foremost – the rucksack
  2. Waterproof jacket and over trousers – these will not only protect you from the rain, but also the cold and the wind.
  3. Water bottle or something to drink that will last the day.
  4. Picnic lunch.
  5. Footwear to go home in as the wearing of boots on the journey home (on the coach) is not allowed.
  6. No sandals or trainers please; what you really need for the walks is a boot or walking shoe that has a good grip sole (such as a Vibram sole). For moorland or hilly walks it is also advisable that the footwear has some form of ankle support, here boots are the best choice.
  7. A fleece or pullovers can also a handy to bring along. If you are going on the walks in the months from autumn to spring it also would be advisable to bring along a hat and gloves. During these months denim jeans are really not recommended, mainly because when they get wet they can become rather cold and uncomfortable.